Rhythm of the Streets

Rhythm of the Streets
100 % improvised music.
featuring special guests Barry Kramer, Eric Ernest Johnson & Nico Borromeo.

Portizar Rhythm of The Streets 100% improvised music
our 2nd release as Portizar!

100 % improvised music.

“Rhythm of the Streets” is the 2nd release from our group now known as Portizar. It reflects various stages of sonic exploration. From a moldavite-infused talisman furnished by a shaman to activate intergalactic communications and the integration of the mycelial network engineered to bridge with alien consciousness. These earlier recordings reflect the rambunctious excitement of willing star travelers eager to lift off and explore dimensions of the inner and outer cosmos.

The guests for these sessions are artist Eric Ernest Johnson, composer Nico Borromeo & introducing Barry Kramer, who is making his debut on this album as a musical force of nature.

The earliest track on this album is the “Gratitude”. This piece came from GregJam 27 Track 3 and was recorded on May 1, 2014. Our special guest is artist Eric Ernest Johnson.

Vocalist/poet Barry Kramer joined us on 3 separate occasions for this compilation. “Compassionate Woman” came from GregJam 45 Track 4 recorded on October 29, 2015. “Blowing Through the Chains” was month later for GregJam 46 Track T4B on November 24, 2015. The title track “Rhythm of the Streets” was from GregJam 77 & recorded on September 14, 2017.

“Alien Medley” is the youngster on this release. Recorded with guest composer Nico Borromeo as part of GregJam 114 Track 4 on September 13, 2018. This session would mark the introduction of Moldovite into our production.

As always, the core group is Michael Vest, Gregory Beylerian & John X Volaitis.

Magnificent cover artwork by Gregory Beylerian