Interstellar Transmission

Interstellar Transmission
100 % improvised music.
featuring special guest Michael Fitzpatrick.

interstellar transmission
our 8th release as Portizar!

100 % improvised music.

“Interstellar Transmission” is the 8th release from the group now known as Portizar; a sonic experiment encapsulating an evening of 100% improvised music creation with master cellist Michael Fitzpatrick. He has performed for keynote ceremonies for Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama who is quoted as saying,

“The emotion induced by Michael Fitzpatrick’s music is so powerful, it seems almost verbalized. His sound is Clear Light.”

This recording captures a sonic voyage into the unknown with four people playing music together for the first time, without any notes or prior discussion. We dimmed the lights and listened deeply to each other, intuitively responding, surrendering into a wondrous void, a cosmic experience of what felt like an interstellar transmission…

The guest for these sessions is:

Cello maestro Michael Fitzpatrick & his Golden Cello.

Originally from Portizar 186 on January 31, 2023.

As always, the core group is Michael Vest, Gregory Beylerian & John X Volaitis.

Magnificent cover artwork by Gregory Beylerian