Journey to Arcturus

Journey to Arcturus
100 % improvised music.
featuring special guests Jesse Macht & Dana Lee Anderson.

journey to arcturus
our 3rd release as Portizar!

100 % improvised music.

“Journey to Arcturus” is the 3rd release from our group now known as Portizar. It reflects various stages of sonic exploration. From a moldavite-infused talisman furnished by a shaman to activate intergalactic communications and the integration of the mycelial network engineered to bridge with alien consciousness. These earlier recordings reflect the rambunctious excitement of willing star travelers eager to lift off and explore dimensions of the inner and outer cosmos.

The guests for these sessions are:

Singer-songwriter Jesse Macht who joined us with his guitar, looper and magnificent spirit. He will be returning on later releases.

Accompanying us on bass is longtime friend & Earthstar family member Dana Lee Anderson. John X loves his “feral” style.  Dana is making his debut on this album as a featured artist.

The earliest track on this album is the “Derelict Space Lounge”. This piece came from GregJam 51 Track 1 and was recorded on February 24, 2016. Our special guests are Jesse & Dana.

Dana returns & joins us for the title track “Journey to Arcturus” on GregJam 57 Track 1 recorded on June 28, 2016. Jesse showed up shortly afterwards & joined us for Track 4 “Viking Lullaby”.

“Mr. Anderson” & “Walking Ranch” are the babies of the bunch. Originally from GregJam 58 on August 12, 2016. Dana was our only special guest and these 2 songs came from Tracks 5 & 3 respectively.

As always, the core group is Michael Vest, Gregory Beylerian & John X Volaitis.

Magnificent cover artwork by Gregory Beylerian