Luscious Faerie Gold

Luscious Faerie Gold
100 % improvised music.
featuring special guests Joel Virgel, Juan Luqui, Valida Carroll, Nico Borromeo & Olivia Diehl

luscious faerie gold
our 5th release as Portizar!

100 % improvised music.

Our 5th release – “Lusicous Faerie Gold”  subliminally merges the dynamics of the luscious goddess archetype, the otherworld dimensions where the faeries are known to play and the illuminating lure of the golden hue emitting from treasures. The treasure is the heart liberated from the clutches of an overactive mind. Lulled into a frequency of groovy vibrations, activated from a courageous leap. A grandiose expression, to hop off the edge and slide into the stream of the groovy now, the lucid presence that is not bound by memorized security systems. A launch into the unknown where the excitement of sonics explored has no definition or boundary, liberated from genre and corporate executives, these jams have no purpose except to be the popcorn trail of a good time had in freeform sonic land.

The guests for these sessions are:

Vocalist Joel Virgel; Faerie family members – composer Juan Luqui & vocalist Olivia Diehl; our Portizar brother Nico Borromeo & KCRW DJ/musician performer Valida Carroll.

The earliest track on this album is the “Cleanup”. This piece came from GregJam 117 Track 2 and was recorded on October 4, 2018. This was performed by the core power trio.

Joel Virgel came by to sing with us on “Somelieu” for GregJam 127 on Januray 17, 2019.

Juan & Olivia (and Nico) joined us for “Faerie Family Reunion” on GregJam 162 Track 8 recorded February 20, 2020.

Valida & our Earthstar brother Nico Borromeo were “instrumental” in creating the title track “Luscious Faerie Gold” (Track 2) & Dewdrops on a Spiderweb (Track 3) from GregJam 163 on February 27, 2020.

As always, the core group is Michael Vest, Gregory Beylerian & John X Volaitis.

Magnificent cover artwork by Michael Vest