Highland Revolution

Highland Revolution (feat. Norik Manoukian)
Released under artist name Gregjam

our first release!

Highland Revolution is an improvisational recording that took place over the course of three evenings with master woodwind musician Norik Manoukian and Portizar (formerly known as GregJam). We are a group of musicians exploring the possibilities of improvisational music creation.

As with every Gregjam recording session, Highland Revolution was created without any prior knowledge of what music anyone would play. Each song is a first take recording with no do overs. Not a single note or pattern was predetermined, the only objective is to listen deeply and co create with the unraveling sonic conversation.

To complicate matters further, Norik plays ancestral Armenian woodwind instruments (duduk, shivi, zurna) which have rarely, if ever, found their way into the western rock and jazz modalities of timing and structure. Thus to have Norik (my duduk teacher of many years) join and participate in such an experimental process after not seeing each other for many years was a grand gesture of friendship, trust and courage!

This album is the result of that 100% improvised musical journey we all went on together.

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